Why I Got Into Graphic Design

My story goes like this… I was studying television communications here at Specs Howard. The year was 2008 back when Lady Gaga had burst onto the scene with her first album. It was a time of shutter shades and spray tans. A time where I had no direction and no ambition of what I wanted. A boat adrift upon the sea. Specs Howard was a anchor of sorts giving me some direction and some motivation. I had been attending the school and looking to get into work with local media. I was interning with 95.5’s Mojo in the Morning early and leaving to slice lunch meat for the afternoon elderly shoppers. I also began interning for Specs Howard’s marketing team. My manager was a petite woman named Shelly, who had an innocent look on life and caring heart for everyone she met. Along with Shelly in the marketing department was a group of guys who loved to have a good time and create stunning videos. Josh, John, and Greg rounded out what would be called the “Street Team” We would travel around metro detroit and shoot videos for local radio and television stations. I was tasked with staring and editing the videos, and while editing I would need to create stills and graphics to move the story along. I soon discovered I was intrigued by graphic design. So I fell in love with this craft. In the marketing department we had a graphic designer, Jonathon. He would create stunning visuals with ease. I loved to watch him work. It just seemed so simple. However, when I was a newbie, nobody told me how hard this job really is. They all portrayed this cool guy who works with a computer and designs all day and gets paid. I haven’t held a job as a full fledge graphic designer, but I have create website, attire, swag, logos, print pieces, and all sorts of graphic elements. I came here to get a paper that says I know what I am doing. I am not sure why I felt I needed it. The more time I am here, I wonder that, but that is a topic for another blog.