What is Crossfit

Your body was designed to move – in many different ways and with varying degrees of intensity. But move it too often in the same way, and your fitness goals can be stopped. Your body will adapt and plateau. 

Stars and Stripes CrossFit uses innovation, science and physical rehabilitation techniques to design customized strength and conditioning programs that feature constantly varied movements performed at high intensity for varied periods of time. Every workout is different. It is not only the movements that change, but also the length of time. We train you to be ready for anything – whether it is working intensely for 5 minutes or continuous movement for 30 minutes. 

You will learn to work hard and pace yourself for constant movement so you can get the most out of each workout and everyday life! 

Stars and Stripes CrossFit emphasizes functional movements that you likely do in your everyday life. By performing these movements at high intensity, you’re not only increasing your strength and stamina, but improving your endurance and overall body health at the same time, while minimizing the risk of injury due to improper form. 

Stars and Stripes CrossFit: Real Training for Real Life